Property Investment

Sieber International assists worldwide investors in theprocess of finding the most highly profitable residential and commercial properties in the marketsof Miami and Manhattan.

Property Management

Our property management team is responsible forthe perfect upkeep of the properties thatour clients place in our hands.

Property Rent

We specialize in findingthe perfect tenant for our clientsproperties … and the perfect property for our clients to rent.

Property Financing

Sieber International has a specific corporate division in charge of obtaining all of the necessary mortgage financings required by our clients’ real estate acquisitions in Miami and New York.

Property Tax & Legal Matters

Sieber has on hand CPA’s and lawyers to help minimize tax burden and legal issues for our clients.


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Vacation Rentals / Short Term Rental Management

We can manage your daily and weekly properties for rentals.

Sieber International

is dedicated to providing its clients an array of Real Estate services in Miami and New York. With diligence and a top level team, Sieber is one of Miami and New York’s most prominent boutique real estate firms. Sieber International delivers New York and Miami to the world and it does so by giving international investors every facility to purchase real estate as if they were buying in their own country.

Sieber International

provides outstanding Real Estate services not only to the local buyers, but also to an international clientele looking to expand investment portfolios. Sieber specializes in helping clients diversify their real estate acquisitions by guiding them every step of the way. We strategically create investment portfolios for clients, in the best locations, with the best returns, and securely fasten the purchase of properties with an array of services based on need of each individual client.